value creation strategies to strenghten your altenative assets balance sheet in africa.


excelsum tactical opportunities africa

Our Excelsum  Tactical Opportunities Africa (ETOA) operational experts present investors with value creation strategies to strengthen their positions in their capital allocation operations and deal process in Africa. Our extensive  network on the continent will help you track mid-cap and large cap industrial investment leads to strengthen existing manufacturing, banking, infrastructure projects or corporate entities to capitalise on the tremendous opportunities. We thrive to package  and market the opportunities with great hurdle rate of return , make them stable and presentable for equity investments and realistic projected growth.

For a decade, our management has been sought after to accompany private equity GPs, Panafrican companies, multinationals and multilateral banks to expand, acquire assets and invest in Central Africa including Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Namibia  across a plethora of industries.

areas of expertise

capital allocation risk mitigation

We provide Africa assets transactions advisory. From currency fluctuations risk, commodity price volatility to political shifts and institutional framework risks, Excelsum Africa proficient team and network of advisors throughout the continent assist funds in finding internal strategies to tackle transactional issues.  We connect overseas investment houses with the competent professionals within the investment market or jurisdiction


Over the years we have gained solid know-how and competencies in structuring financial transactions in Africa using various instruments. Our core focus has been on financially distressed companies which we help undergo Leverage Buy Outs (LBOs), raise equity or debt finance on continental or overseas capital markets .



Our TOA team successfully helps various investment clients and funds in the merger, equity venture partnership and acquisition of  a panoply of sectors including financials, technology power, renewable energy and infrastructure assets in Africa. 


exit strategies

For any equity partner, it is imperative to chart out in advance strategic possibilities for future projected exits. Whether through strategic sales, IPOs, or leveraged sale, we provide company portfolio growth strategies that will preprare the incumbent company to be robust for potential buyers and exit ready. Equipped with industry versatility, we  work and groom entrepreneurs including management teams/boards to align them with the exit and value creation plan. Consequently we serve  also as independent advisers during exit phases and play a valuable in determining the best outcome for an exit, in particular  liquid market or listing.


We can also be mandated to work in portfolio companies to make the environment more viable and also prep  future fund recipient companies prospects feasible for investments. We benchmark rigourously operational efficiencies and variables with industry peers to ensure the implementation of the value creation to enable the fund portfolio to deliver the best value from a human capital perspective, operations management processes and corporate finance structures.

fund managers' touchpoint
for subsaharan africa markets

"we are fund managers' touchpoint
for capital allocation &
ventures strategies in africa. we also service distinctly investments in greater central africa region."

investment solutions

Excelsum strategic congo fund

We tailored an investment vehicle for ethical and social conscious investors who want to create social-economic impact in Central Africa while diversifying investment positions and making attractive financial returns. Find out more about opportunities to invest in our pioneering fund about to enter its first capital raising round. 

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