our value proposition

africa transactions de-risking

Our experienced direct investment experts conduct due diligence and investigate current market trends pertaining to your specific capital allocation projects across the continent. Our advisory capabilities and market insights  are spread across various industries having advised in recent equity partnerships, MBO and  LBOs transactions in addition to mergers and acquisitions in Sub-sahara Africa’s corporate sectors. 


portfolio & strategic fund advisory


We deploy strategic deal closing skills and financial advisory/execution experience for several African transactions on behalf of our clients. We have delivered and contributed to strong outcomes successfully advising on both early stage investments and mature family business transactions in DRC, Namibia. Zambia and Angola in illustrious sectors.


Utilizing our vast network of global investors, we aim to provide long term  capital to disruptive growing businesses within the African diaspora and operating in Central Africa experiencing difficulties in raising operational finacing or seed capital. From innovative small to mid-cap business financing, we present opportunities to private equity funds and deliver to our funding partners a pipeline of large cap market leaders.