We map out holistic investment solutions for the complex needs of theglobal Capital & Asset Management industry in Central Africa.

" The truth about Altenative Investments in Africa is that the business environment is often challenging and ever evolving – we understand those risks and how to overcome obstacles with the view to maximise the value of our clients African assets."
Chris Nichols
Operational managing Partner

GLOBAL fund expertise from an african PERSPECTIVE.

A Combined Track Record of Success in Fund Servicing, VC & Private Equity Value Creation


Tania eyanga

Tania Eyanga is an international business executive and the Founding Partner of Excelsum Ventures Group, established in 2017. She leads the vision of the firm.

With a background in fund administration, Tania uses her vast cross-border experience and wide  African markets to assist international fund establishments endeavouring to allocate capital in discretionary and private markets operations. 

Originally from the Democratic Rep. of Congo, She is the global managing partner of GEE Consulitng Partners, a specialized afro-global trade consultancy boutique.  She has been a trusted FDI representative, spearheading market entry strategies and improving operational efficiencies of clients interests. 

Ms Eyanga is a board member of the World Congo Initiative for Infrastructure & Investment, representing and advising multinationals and Private Equity Funds on their acquisition of industrial and technological assets across the Central Africa region. She holds a BA (Hons) in International Business from Technology University Dublin along with MBA in Finance from the University of Sunderland, UK.

Ms Tania Eyanga, Founder & CEO
Chris Nichols, Strategic Operations Partner

Chris nichols

Mr Chris Nichols is the firm’s partner consultant for Strategic Investment Operations. He is a specialist consulting CFO  focused on Southern and East Africa, providing services to PE and VC businesses invested in SME’s and looking to
maximize value in their exit strategies. Chris valuable core skill lies in overcoming the local strategic financial skills gap between the Investors intent to grow value in the business and the funded operation.

He has world-class expertise, and
substantial experience in Financial model building, particularly sensitivity models providing strategic key valuation and funding goals.


Alphonse kisolokele

Mr Kisolokele is a seasoned industry operator in Central Africa, bringing substantial geo-economic knowledge and reliable networks in a plethora of Central African industries to the firm’s clients base.

With a host of  state companies board experience and financial institution administration positions  under his belt including Barclays UK, he is currently the Co-Founder and Managing Director of South African oil producer and exploration company Dig Oil holdings. He is also serves as a board member of DRC National Electricity Company  ( SNEL).   

Mr Alphonse Kisolokele, Regional Partner (DRC)
Romy E. Bionge, Corporate Communications Manager

Romy E. Bionge

Ms Bionge heads the Group’s communications strategies, including clients liaison and media relations operations in the EMEA region. 

A holder of various industry and academic qualifications from Ireland, Romy’s background is in personnel and relationship management, corporate client communications and public affairs. She has held previous positions in publishing media and press management consultancy houses in UK and Ireland.

For contact and media enquiries: romy.bionge@excelsumventures.com


Ms Walsh is our experienced and reliable fclient liaison and marketing associate, focusing on Irish and UK markets mandates. She promotes and supports the firm services and product offerings  in line with Excelsum Ventures corporate mission and identity.

For general enquiries, contact: Caitriona.walsh@excelsumventures.com

Caitriona Walsh, Clients Relationship & Development